Ocean Jasper | 7 Facts

Ocean jasper is a beautiful stone with calming colors and swirls reminiscent of the sea. Here’s what you need to know about this crystal!

Ocean jasper can be used to connect to your heart chakra.
  1. Ocean jasper can promote self-love and unconditional love. By connecting to the heart chakra, this crystal can help you when you want to feel better about yourself or connect with others.
  2. Ocean jasper facilitates deep relaxation. You can use ocean jasper when you want to feel less stressed or meditate.
  3. Ocean jasper is effective in balancing emotional states. When you are feeling overly stressed, anxious, or sad, ocean jasper can help even out your emotions.
  4. Ocean jasper helps you cope with change. This crystal’s colors and patterns reminiscent of the changeable sea can be beneficial when you are in the midst of a transition.
  5. Ocean jasper taps into mystical knowledge and wisdom. Its earthy vibrations connect with nature and the deep knowledge that lies within the earth.
  6. Ocean jasper can help you feel more compassionate. This crystal promotes a feeling of connectedness to the universe.
  7. Ocean jasper can help you be more patient. The calming vibration of this stone facilitates slowing down and being present.

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