Lepidolite | A Stone for Serenity

When you are feeling stressed and unstable, lepidolite is the stone for you. Lepidolite is an excellent stone to use if you suffer from anxiety (which I do), worry, or excessive fear. This stone contains lithium which can promote emotional stability.

Lepidolite can promote a strong, stable emotional center which leads to feelings of compassion, empathy, and harmony. This crystal is calming and supports sleep and emotional healing.

Place lepidolite near electronic devices to absorb electromagnetic energy.

Lepidolite can be used in meditation to assist you in being present and connecting to your highest self. This crystal can be used in shamanic and spiritual journeying. Lepidolite encourages change, independence, and manifestation. Lepidolite also stimulates intellect and decision-making–a handy stone to have when you are faced with a challenge!

I like using lepidolite while doing Tarot readings because this stone is strongly connected with the higher chakras–the throat, third eye, and crown. Lepidolite allows me to communicate more effectively and connect more deeply to my intuition.

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Peace and blessings–


P.S. If you are suffering from any emotional imbalance or anxiety that is affecting your quality of life, please consult your health care provider!

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