Labradorite for Protection

Labradorite is a recent addition to my collection. I had heard all about this crystal’s amazing qualities–yet I never felt drawn to purchase one. A few weeks ago I found a beautiful labradorite palm stone at a local crystal store. I found that this stone is known for protection against unwanted and negative energies and strengthing the aura. I am glad I have labradorite now!

Labradorite helps keep fear and insecurity out of your life.

The quality I like most about labradorite is its ability to increase mystical, intuitive, and psychic abilties–which is extremely helpful when I am doing Tarot readings. Labradorite increases trust, imagination, and introspection. Use labradorite when you are facing a change or challenge as this crystal can help you see the situation clearly and make effective decisions.

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Peace and blessings–


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