Hematite for Strength

Hematite is a beautiful stone that can be used when you need to feel more grounded and strong. This crystal is one of the best to use with the root chakra. Hematite increases feelings of safety, security, and courage.

Hematite can take away negative emotions.

Hematite abates stress and anxiety by helping you focus on positive emotions. Since hematite is an iron oxide, it is excellent in cleansing the blood and supporting the circulatory system.

I like to use hematite when I feel my root chakra may be out of balance. Here is a quick ritual you can do with hematite to increase strength and stability.

  1. Light a candle or incense in a quiet space.
  2. Sit with a hematite crystal in your lap.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Breathe deeply three times.
  5. Imagine the hematite connecting with the Earth, bringing feelings of stability and security.
  6. Breathe deeply three more times as this feeling of grounding fills your whole body.
  7. Open your eyes.

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Peace and blessings–


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