Garnierite | Focus!

I definitely have a fondness for green stones–I added another one to my collection last week–garnierite. I had never heard of this stone until I saw it in a local crystal store. After doing some research I found that garnierite (like serpentine) exudes earthy energy. Garnierite’s energy is extremely helpful when you have goals you want to manifest–emotionally, spiritually, or physically. This crystal can facilitate abundance, growth, and success.

Garnierite uplifts the spirit.

This crystal is closely connected to the heart chakra which makes it an excellent stone to use to promote unconditional love. Garnierite also faciliates vitality, healing, and purifying negative energy. My favorite use for garnierite is for focus–use it when you need to finish a task but you are having a difficult time staying motivated.

I talk more about garnierite in this VIDEO.

I will be using garnierite during my readings this week–click on the Services tab to schedule your reading!

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