Find Financial Abundance

Welcome to Taurus season! The Sun officially entered the season of the bull on Sunday and soon the New Moon will be reflecting the steady, stable energy of Taurus.

While the Taurus season is known for it’s “get-it-done” energy, this time is also wonderful for focusing on your finances. Balance your checkbook, take a look at your spending, and make plans for your financial future.

The following is a simple ritual that you can use for this New Moon to set an intention for manifesting financal abundance during this Moon cycle. This ritual is especially helpful during this time when you may be facing some financial insecurity or difficulty.

💰Ritual for Financial Abundance 💰

  1. Clear your space. 🕯Light a candle or some incense.
  2. Prepare your space. 💵 Place an item in front of you that represents financial abundance. This could be actual money or a photograph of something that represents money to you.
  3. Meditate. ⭐️ Set a timer for five minutes. Close your eyes and meditate on the role money plays in your life, now and in the past.
  4. Set your intention. 💜 What relationship do you want to have with money during this next Moon cycle?
  5. Affirm your intention. 🌿 Repeat the following affirmation to set your intention for this ritual: “I welcome financial abundance and prosperity into my life.” Write the affirmation down and place it somewhere you will see it every day.
  6. Close your ritual. 🌞 Blow out the candle or let the incense burn down.

As you move through this Moon cycle, take note of how many ways financial abundance appears in your life. Keep an abundance journal for the month to record your experiences!

If you would like more information on how to create and use rituals in your life, download my free guide–Rituals for Transformation.

Peace and blessings–


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