Clear Quartz | The Super Stone

Clear quartz is one of those crystals that should be in everyone’s collections. It is a super stone! Clear quartz is amazing when you need powerful healing–it cleanses the subtle body and soul, unblocks energy, and brings the immune system into balance.

Clear quartz can be used to enhance memory and imagination.

When you are feeling just-not-right, start with clear quartz to find out how to start the healing process.

Clear quartz enhances spiritual gifts, heightens spiritual awareness, and clears all of the chakras. This stone is excellent to use while meditating to increase concentration and insight.

The most impressive feature of clear quartz is its ability to amplify the energy of another stone. Choose a stone that reflects your intention then add clear quartz to raise the vibration of your stone.

I like to use clear quartz specifically with black tourmaline to feel more grounded and stable.

I have a new reading available that uses a crystal along with a Tarot reading to give added insight into your message. Schedule your reading HERE.

Peace and blessings–


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