Black Tourmaline | Ground Yourself

Black tourmaline was one of the first crystals I purchased. I wanted a stone that would help me with the anxiety and panic attacks I was experiencing. Black tourmaline is THE crystal for grounding and connecting to the earth. I so often felt disconnected from my body and black tourmaline helped feel balanced and rooted.

black tourmaline
Use black tourmaline to raise your self confidence.

Black tourmaline is useful in many other ways as well. This crystal can protect against electromagnetic pollution especially when placed near computers, mobile phones, or other electronic devices. Black tourmaline can protect you against psychic attacks and energy vampires who wish to drain your positive energy. This stone dispels negative energy, cleanses your aura, and is extremely useful in meditation due to its earthy energy.

If you are looking for a good all-around crystal or a reliable stone to add to your collection–black tourmaline is it! I use it while I am doing readings–come on over to my Services page to get your reading today!

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