Hello! I am Kelly–Tarot reader and your guide to spiritual self-care. Over the years, I have had many roles–wife, mother, teacher, office manager, and homeschooler. Through all of these different places in my life, I have had a deep, abiding sense of spirituality. I am grateful for what the Divine has given me both personally and in the world. Watching the sun rise, my horses graze, the wildflowers bloom–all of these wonderful moments make me appreciate the Creator and all of creation.

About five years ago, I began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. My life turned upside down. This condition wasn’t something I could just “fix.” I needed help–lots of help–from many different sources. I turned to mediation, counseling, pharmaceuticals–anything that I thought would help me feel more grounded. After a while, all these things began to work. I began to feel like my old self again.

But I wasn’t my old self completely–I had learned to depend on a much broader definition of spirituality than before. And that is where Tarot comes in. During my recovery, I picked up a pack of Tarot cards and guidebook at the bookstore on a whim. After discovering the depths of storytelling that comes from Tarot, I began to learn all that I could about the cards. Now I am here with my Tarot cards to help you when you are facing a dilemma in your life, or when you just need some clarity in a situation.

Over the past few years, I have learned how important spiritual self-care is. Tarot is just one part of that journey. Explore the site, chat with me–together we can nurture your spirit.