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A Ritual for Anxious Times

A few weeks ago I made the concious decision to limit reading or watching the news.

I found myself endlessly scrolling through story after story, each one usually in contradiction to what I had just read. I was not getting any real news that would help me make decisions about the future.

Instead of looking outwardly for reassurance, I began turning inward. I created a ritual that would help me feel more grounded and safe as I faced a world of growing uncertainty.

This ritual incorporates the four elements to invoke clear thinking, definitive action, deep emotions, and stable grounding.

💜 Ritual 💜

  1. Clear your space. 🦄 You can use a crystal such as selenite, a broom, or a feather to sweep away unneeded or used energy.
  2. Bring in the energy of air. 🦋 Ring a bell or sing a simple song.
  3. Bring in the energy of fire. 🔥 Light a candle or burn incense.
  4. Bring in the energy of water. 💦 Place some water in a small bowl or jar.
  5. Bring in the energy of earth. 🌿 With a crystal or stone in your hand, place your feet on the ground.
  6. Write down your intentions for each element. 📜 Use these questions.
    🦋 How can I keep my mind clear and focused?
    🔥 What do I need to take action on right now?
    💦 How can I best work with my emotions?
    🌿 What can I do to feel more grounded?
  7. Decide on one action step you can take for each question right now. 🧚 Make a list and put it in a place where you will see it daily.
  8. Close your ritual. 🙏 Thank the elements for their guidance.

Use this ritual any time you feel uncertain, unstable, or ungrounded.

If you try this ritual, let me know how it goes! You can DM me on Instagram @kelly_sroka_life.

And if you would like more ideas on how to use and create your own magical rituals, download my free guide–Rituals for Transformation.

Peace and blessings–


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