A New Normal

I went shopping on Mother’s Day in an actual retail store. It has been several weeks since I had been anywhere but the grocery store. So exciting! But also unnerving.

Everyone was wearing masks. Dressing rooms in clothing stores were closed. Cashier areas were walled off with clear plastic. A few shops that I normally frequented had closed down permanently.

Everything felt so normal yet so disconcerting at the same time.

I kept wondering what changes will be long-lasting and what will just go back to “normal.”

My conclusion is that we are heading into a new normal.

What changes will be long-lasting? I don’t know.

But I do know a few things that have definitely changed for me:
💜 I won’t feel comfortable shaking hands with people I don’t know.
🌼 I will consider carefully whether or not to attend large gatherings.
🌿 I will shop local more.
🦋 I will always be wondering when the next pandemic may strike.
😁 I will buy an extra pack of toilet paper when I go shopping.

As the world moves into this new normal, what has changed for you?

Peace and blessings–


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