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A Crystal Healing Ritual for these Anxious Times

Do you use crystals? I do!

I found crystal healing a few years ago–now crystals are scattered all over my home. I started using crystals for their calming abilities when I began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I found that using crystals in simple rituals helped me on my healing journey.

Today I am going to share a special crystal healing ritual with you that I have been using during the pandemic.

  1. Choose three crystals. πŸ’Ž These should be stones that are special to you or have meaning for you.
  2. Clear your space. πŸ’œ Use a candle or incense to rid your space of any unneeded or used energy.
  3. Place your crystals. ⭐️ Lay out your crystals side by side. Choose the arrangement that feels most natural to you.
  4. Petition. 🌸 Ask for guidance and healing from your crystals by placing each one in your hand for a few minutes.
  5. Give gratitude. πŸ¦‹ Thank each of your crystals for its assistance today.
  6. Close your ritual. 🌞 Blow out the candle or let the incense burn down to close your ritual.

For my particular ritual, I used rose quartz, clear quartz, and black tourmaline. Rose quartz opens the heart to love and compassion. Black tourmaline grounds and stabilizes. Clear quartz amplifies the energies of the two other stones while opening up intuition.

I hope this ritual will bring you healing during this chaotic time. If you would like to learn more about creating your own rituals, download my free guide–Rituals for Transformation–HERE.

Let me know how this ritual worked for you! You can DM me on Instagram at @kelly_sroka_life and let me know!

Peace and blessings–


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